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Why Tough Love Is Not the Answer to Meeting Your Health Goals

Being shamed by a health pro, or practicing negative self-talk isn’t doing your motivation any favors. Here’s how empathetic, honest dialogue can be truly empowering.
Moving your body doesn’t have to be intimidating or exhausting — and this perspective shift can boost your motivation.
Don't let toxic comments about your food or body ruin your holiday cheer. This playbook will help you opt out of diet culture so you can fully enjoy the festivities.
It's not always a great idea to take your fitness coach's diet tips to heart. Find out what nutrition advice your trainer can generally provide, plus the tips that are serious red flags.
Regardless of the total cost of your treatment or your health insurance status, there are options available for you.
Building out a new home workout space or sprucing up your current one? Use these expert tips to ensure the home fitness equipment you purchase doesn't break the bank.
Spending time in nature has proven mental and physical health benefits, yet low-income folks are often lacking access to the green spaces required to score them.
Wellness has a reputation for being pricey. Sliding-scale or pay-what-you-can models are changing the narrative and making well-being more affordable to all.
The disordered eating habits that plagued my youth began to bubble up as soon as I got engaged.
This Virgo season, you'll feel empowered to care for yourself in small, seriously effective ways. Here's how every zodiac sign can harness its energy.
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